Useful Techniques While (Mostly) Validating

So, you got a grasp of CSS and all your stuff validates. you know the box model and all the work-arounds for IE 5, IE 6, IE 7, and Opera. You know how to throw down the Holy Grail of CSS layouts with no problem... So your site is gonna get listed on every major CSS Gallery out there. Right? Heh heh...

Well, make sure your site has some aesthetics to go along with all the technical uprightness that it adheres to.

It could validate, but is it ugly? vs. Which would you prefer, aesthetically speaking?

Elements & Principles of Design

Elements: line, color, shape, space, value, texture, form

Principles: Balance, Contrast, Proportion, Pattern, Rhythm, Emphasis, Unity, Variety, Movement, Harmony, Dominance—

While we're at it... what about typography?

This site is only a demo and is supplimental to a presentation delivered at CSS Meetup Houston on March 22, 2007. When viewed out of context, it probably doesn't make much sense. So, if you stumbled across it somehow, just gather what you can from it and don't try to fill in the gaps.